Matthias FotoGraf


Here you will find some of my finest photos. The latest are at the top, the oldest were shot in 2007. In this year, after my final school exams (Abitur) I got my first digital camera as a present. Photography has since then become dear to my heart. But my love towards digital pictures developed even earlier, during the time I played computer games. I used to capture screenshots and panoramas of one or the other enchanting gaming world.

Picture can carry a feeling, a state of mind. Many of the photos presented here do link to a thought of mine, that I embraced. The selection shown here is therefore not only based on aesthetics. I would like to encourage every visitor to search his own meaning in these pictures.

I would like to dearly thank all the people that went with me part of the way and encouraged me to take it further. Thank you for your appreciation, recommendations, critique and support!

Have fun exploring the gallery!